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The a2: Adventures in Doubling Series

Even though it's history doesn't begin until the mid-20th Century, the electric guitar is a remarkably powerful and influential instrument.

When amplification and signal processing are taken into account, the electric guitar is capable of millions of unique timbres.

The instrument remains underused in the area of concert music.

In this series the following occurs

  • Each piece will be a duo for electric guitar and another instrument 

    • the 2nd instrument may be acoustic or electronic.

  • Each piece will emphasize the following:

    • doubling at the unison or octave​

    • trading off parts of the sonic envelope, ADSR

      • A = Attack​

      • D = Decay

      • S = Sustain

      • R = Release

  • Sharing certain characteristic sound qualities that have a correlation to explore. i.e.:

    • Distortion for electric guitar + multi phonics for wind instruments.​​

  • Each work will be a dynamic, expressive etude focussed on timbral blending and certain performance gestures/techniques exclusive to the paired instruments

  • Each work in the Guitar + Series will share thematic and formal characteristics with all other pieces in the Guitar + Series.

    • This purposeful limitation is intended to feature the inherent significance of the timbral/gestural differences that will undoubtedly occur in each piece.​

    • Over time, a2:Adventures in Doubling will be a set of ever-expanding variations.

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