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The Proof of Practice Series

A series of pieces is envisioned where the following criteria are met:

  • A soloist or chamber ensemble

  • The initial music presented to the soloist/chamber ensemble is technically challenging to the extent that it would be purposefully impossible to sight read.

    • This necessitates the need for significant practice/rehearsal.

  • Performers must record all rehearsals/personal practice.

  • All of these recordings are given to the composer.

  • The composer organizes the recordings into an "accompaniment".

    • The composer will use all of the recordings

      • Signal processing is not desired on the recording​, excepting

        • Balance adjustments​

        • Slight equalization

        • Subtle (natural) reverb

  • The composer provides a recording that will be played along with the original score (with some possible modification in response to the resultant recording) which will now be ready to performed as written.

Interested in your own Proof of Practice piece? contact:

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