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The Coma Concerto Series

On this page, The Coma Concerto refers to a series of pieces. The Coma Concerto idea might be thought of as an acoustic version of the Shuffle idea.

As would be expected in a concerto, there is a supporting ensemble. In the Coma Concerto there may be one or more soloists.

The supporting ensemble performs music that consists of sections. The sections may emphasize the following;

  • Pedal

  • Melody

  • Harmony(Chords and Sonorities)

  • Timbre

  • Ostinato

  • Rhythm

  • Improvisational or Theatrical

The soloist(s) have no prepared music and should be very experienced in the area of improvisation. They respond to the music provided by the supporting ensemble.

The supporting ensemble itself will respond dynamically to the soloist(s), with key decisions about matters such as tempo and dynamics made exclusive to a particular performance. 


The Coma Concerto was initially composed for the musicians of Dallas’ multimedia improvisation group Coma Theater.

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