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The 50/50 recording project

The 50/50 Recording Project is designed to be as nimble as possible in the current environment of making and selling recordings.

The following ideas are considered:

  • Many consumers of recorded music like to build their own playlists from purchased music, undermining the notion that recorded music needs to be presented in a multi-track album format.

  • Performers, particularly those whose live performances of concert music do not require additional layers of production (overdubbing, post-production signal processing, mixing, etc.)  have recording equipment of sufficient quality and access to a decent sounding performance space.

This is my proposal:

  1. A performer/ensemble makes a recording of my music and sends it to me

  2. We both must approve of the performance and the sound quality.

  3. We sign a contract that specifies that after any third party costs, (iTunes, PayPal, etc.) profit will be shared right down the middle, 50/50.

  4. The recording is sold from this website

  5. The performer/ensemble receives information about the recording sales semi-annually. 

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