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About the Images

The Line Game

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Strewn about the website are these curious, little drawings that I hope may add some visual entertainment. 

They are byproducts of a game that fellow composition majors, Mark Saya, Eric Brown and I created and played between classes and rehearsals during our undergraduate years at Indiana University, South Bend.

We called it The Line Game.

There are 2 steps:

  1. Participant 1 draws a single line. The initial line should not cross itself.

  2. Participant 2 uses the line as the foundation of a complete image.

Sometimes the results were fairly elegant; at times, elaborate.

They tended to be comical, often surreal.

We hadn't been playing the game for too long before the provider of the initial line began to formulate the following challenges:

  • The line was incredibly complex

  • The line was maddeningly simple

  • The line suggested a particular stock silhouette too literally, daring Participant 2 to re-contextualize the source material.

Another reason for sharing these is that I find these to be delightful exercises in creativity and not removed from the process in musical composition where fresh insight is sought whenever stimuli is encountered.

Some of the images to be found in this website are mine. (as Participant 2) In some of the images, I can recognize Eric's distinctive style. In the end, I take delight in not really knowing who did what, keeping in mind that the 2 steps are taken by different people.

You might try this with a like-minded friend.

If so, acknowledge that you got the idea from here. I am seriously considering marketing The Line Game.

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